A convenient and efficient way to benefit from Bulgaria’s favorable tax regulations – the lowest in Europe and amongst the most generous across the world – is to incorporate a limited liability company...[read more]

Ready - made

What is a ready-made company? In short, it's a company that has been registered with the Commercial Register as well as registered for VAT. The company of your choice comes with an active EU VAT number... [read more]

Nominee director
and shareholder

We give you direct access to the lowest taxes in the EU through our nominee director and shareholder service, which establishes your company’s place of management in Bulgaria without any effort on your part... [read more]

Bank account

Opening bank accounts with trusted Bulgarian banks in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and more. National currency – BGN – has been pegged to the EUR at a fixed rate, no FX risk. Funds held at domestic banks are insured... [read more]


VAT registration takes 3 weeks. After the registration each company is given an EU VAT number, which allows it to participate in intra-community transactions benefiting from the common VAT rules in the EU... [read more]


Our accounting service covers management and control of your company’s finances, a fast response time, full compliance with the statutory deadlines and in-time submission of reports to the revenue authority... [read more]